Curating Pharma CRM - mobile solution for Medical Representatives and Pharmaceutical Companies.

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NEW off-line version of a CRM for iPad, iPhones and Android OS.

About Curating Pharma CRM -medical representative reporting system


Curating Pharma: iPad and iPhone will Assist and Monitor Activities of Medical Representatives of Pharmaceutical Companies


DigSee presented its new application for iPad and iPhone — Curating Pharma: with its help pharmaceutical companies will get an opportunity to control and supervise their medical representatives “in field” in a convenient way. The application is a handy assistant tool , which allows one  to have all the information about physicians, pharmacies, etc., at their fingertips,  and to fill out the report immediately. Application conveniently stores the history of visits and reports, it allows users to search on a map, write and edit route charts, and most importantly, to fill out the reports on the go. On the other hand, the iPad itself with Curating Pharma acts as the “big brother” by fully tracking the accuracy of reports, photo reports, and travel routes. This is a lucrative trade-off between freedom of an employee and a company's desire to manage its employees on the road. You can download the application at and test it for free.




Curating Pharma CRM - this is a medical representative reporting system on iPhone and iPad (app).


Now representatives of medical companies can take   advantage of  Curating Pharma — a convenient application for  iPad and iPhone, which gives them an opportunity to work on the road. This app allows one to find the required entry in the database of doctors or pharmacies quickly and easily. The Pharm company employee can quickly and conveniently fill out the report on the visit, make a photo report in a modern interface. At the same time the application requires no Internet connection, its database stores and operates with tens of thousands of records. A medical representative on  his/her way from the meeting can send the results of work to the central office in batch mode and get the updates.


 In the most companies, employees use the paper cards to account the work with doctors, and then they input the work results into the database (usually into the Excel forms) from a home computer in the evening or on the arrival to the office. It usually takes an hour or two per day. With the proposed solution, the report can be filled out immediately by selecting menus on the iPad during the meeting or after it; this will save data entry  time of  employees and increase their number of visits.


Application keeps track of all visits, so while visiting the medical center, user cand make not only the planned visit, but to find another specialist to meet, and to check the full information and history on him. Curating Pharma is also a visit scheduler with integrated search of the counterparties on the map, with the functions of planning and review of effective/ineffective route sheets.

Work with Curating Pharma (medical representative reporting system for iPhone and iPad) can be started in minutes, practically with no training. Pharma  representatives will enjoy the advantages  of this low-key  unobtrusive assistant  in their work. Apple iPad (or iPad mini) with this application will keep its users  online, being also the state-of-the-art communication and presentation tool.



With all this, central office becomes equipped with a powerful tool for controlling the medical representatives.  Heads of international departments, supervisors or team leaders will get full information on the visit time to the medical facility, actual location of the employee on the map at  time of the operation, in order to  monitor the route and duties of their employees. No GPS beacons in cars are required anymore — one can get the GPS control precisely at the  critical moment  — at the time of filling out the report by medical representative.

Analytics of the pharmaceutical company will be able to assess the real time representation of medical products:

a) by pharmacies — to control availability of promotional and descriptive materials on medical products, to record their presence, reasons of absence, the ongoing advertising campaigns, activities, information on price and quality performances of competitor products;

b) by doctors of various specialties — presentations, panel discussions, record of potentials and purposes, evaluation of medical products

The system provides  links to the external syndicate doctors’ databases. Insofar as a medical representative can edit doctor’s card directly at the meeting, the  office will always have state-of-the art information.


Curating Pharma app (medical representative reporting system for iPhone and iPad) synchronizes with any CRM provided by leading world vendors. In fact, this is a “superstructure” built upon the office CRM software. It allows one to transfer all the data to the tablet for offline use.

For companies with no CRM available, DigSee offers Dealongo-Online — WEB oriented CRM system, which is the control panel of geographically distributed system of data collection, staff management, and history of  pharma company relations with particular doctors.

The business analytics system allows one to generate any reports with charts and diagrams on the go, without programmers.


Companies can purchase the solution, or they can use it as a service in the DigSee cloud. The implementation time starts from a few days.

You can download Curating Pharma free at






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